Ultimate Test Drive - Cybersecurity Portfolio

Ultimate Test Drive - Cybersecurity Portfolio

19th January 2022 2-4pm

Join us to experience:

A virtual Ultimate Test Drive workshop is an exciting, informative and immersive way to get hands-on experience with Palo Alto Networks industry-defining technology and see exactly what it’s capable of.

  • Protect users from ransomware attacks with Malware Protection Modules
  • Prevent unknown threats with our ML-Powered NGFW
  • Protect cloud deployments with the Prisma™ platform
  • Automate, detect and investigate with the Cortex™ platform
Prisma Cloud Capture the Flag with Nuaware

Prisma Cloud Capture the Flag with Nuaware

28th January 2022 2-4pm

Your Mission
Identify security issues and misconfigurations in a public cloud environment.
Your Weapon:
Use Palo Alto Networks Prisma™ Cloud to identify as many of these issues as possible in the time limit.
Join cloud cybersecurity peers and experts for our virtual capture the flag event on 28th January 2022 2-4pm to hone your skills and knowledge to help you combat future cloud threats, all while enjoying a beer/a snack and grabbing some cool prizes.
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Webinar: The What's and the Why's

Webinar: The What's and the Why's

9th February 2022

Join us for a half an hour session to find out more about Palo Alto Networks CYBERFORCE, the elite group run by Palo Alto Networks of proven engineers trusted for their security expertise.

If you want to be Palo Alto Networks
-Best of the best
-A proven partner engineer who puts customers first and are trusted for their security expertise and focussed on preventing successful cyber attacks

Then this is a session you need to attend.

You learn about:
-Why become a CYBERFORCE member
-Overview of the CYBERFORCE programme and how to maximise your capabilities
-Criteria for each CYBERFORCE level and certifications required
-The multiple rewards you’ll get along the way



We are running one on one sessions to demo SASE. Would you like to book in a session to test our NFR units in a lab environment? You will have full access to test any scenario that you want to test. We can demonstrate to you how the product works and you will be able to tweak within the environment.

We are booking times now on a first come basis for February. We have slots every Thursday and Friday in February 2022 at 9:30-11:30am.  

Would you like to book a time in? Email ngodfrey@exclusive -networks.com